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Tomsk State University will hold an international congress on translational biomedicine

18.12.2014 | Read more

International students have received scholarships to study at TSU

17.12.2014 | Read more

Bulgarian scientists have been trained at the Faculty of innovative technologies TSU

15.12.2014 | Read more

TSU scientists are engaged in the calculation of the trajectory of asteroids that threaten Earth

14.12.2014 | Read more

TSU to become coordinator of Assosiation for Scientific and Educational Organisations of Russia and India

11.12.2014 | Read more

A TSU graduate student from Poland is studying how to efficiently and naturally increase the productivity of the soil

10.12.2014 | Read more

TSU will present online courses at the Iversity platform 

08.12.2014 | Read more

TSU scientists have developed implantable endoprosthesis of intervertebral cages

04.12.2014 | Read more

TSU opens the film school «Skylee»

27.11.2014 | Read more

19 international graduate students have received scholarships to study at Tomsk State University

26.11.2014 | Read more

Scientists discussed new developments for space and defense industries

24.11.2014 | Read more

We are continuing registration for online course "Sketches about Siberia. Tomsk"

21.11.2014 | Read more