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Important information about Scholarship Contest for PhD students   

02.07.2015 | Read more

TSU сhemists develop biocompatible composite materials to replace bone tissue

01.07.2015 | Read more

TSU is broadening collaboration with Poland

30.06.2015 | Read more

Interview of Tomsk poet and translator Andrew Olear for the newspaper Angliya 

29.06.2015 | Read more

TSU scientist became an opponent for thesis defense at the University of Corsica

26.06.2015 | Read more

TSU Faculty of Economics opens a new world-class master's programme

25.06.2015 | Read more

TSU’s online course "The Wonderful World of Geography" was attended people from 19 countries

24.06.2015 | Read more

Research of ferns conducted by TSU botanists  was presented at a conference in Washington DC

23.06.2015 | Read more

A Ph.D. student from Iraq defends his thesis at TSU’s Law Institute

22.06.2015 | Read more

Tomsk State University launches MBA programme for agribusiness

19.06.2015 | Read more

Leading Russian and international oncologists to discuss new techniques of cancer diagnosis and treatment at TSU

18.06.2015 | Read more

TSU programmer Michael Pozhidaev became a hero of Le Courrier de Russie  article 

17.06.2015 | Read more