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TSU and Universiti Sains Malaysia to collaborate in bioscience research

31.03.2015 | Read more

TSU Information Centre 24/7 will start working around the clock since May

30.03.2015 | Read more

Congratulations to the Rector from the Nobel Laureate Terry Callaghan

26.03.2015 | Read more

Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, TSU postdoc from Italy, arrived in Tomsk to get acquainted with northern ecosystems

24.03.2015 | Read more

TSU has joined the four leaders of the International Council in improving the competitiveness of the leading universities of Russia

23.03.2015 | Read more

Terry Callaghan, Distinguished Researcher, Joint recipient of the 2007 Nobel Prize, TSU Professor speaks about TSU and his involvement in its life and studies

23.03.2015 | Read more

The International Council of the 5-100 Project met at TSU

21.03.2015 | Read more

TSU Mathematicians and meteorologists conduct joint ecological study with the help of a supercomputer

20.03.2015 | Read more

A graduate student from France writes work on the cite of mammoths in the Tomsk Region

19.03.2015 | Read more

Novokhim, a TSU innovative small enterprise, has released the 100th ton of Antirzhavin

18.03.2015 | Read more

TSU will host Days of International Culture 

17.03.2015 | Read more

MIT feedback

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